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EXP Group is focusing on high impact sectors such as environmental and societal. We are using exponential technology to scale our companies, ventures and projects – including in AI, VR, blockchain, IoT, etc.

We are continuously searching for the best talent – wherever they are – and experimentation is a part of our DNA. We use the Lean Startup methodology and believe is user driven development.

Self-organizing autonomy together with multi-disciplinary teams, operating with decentralized authority, is driving and growing our portfolio companies and investments . Social technology is finding fertile ground because the workplace has become increasingly digitized.


Our vision reflects the core of our contribution to move the world towards a positive future. We want to encourage, inspire and motivate active thinking in the search for new ideas, new combinations, new models, new formats, new solutions that create value for people and planet. This inspires innovative thinking that drives the world forward. We have come to a point where technology is moving society from scarcity to abundance, and we need to put human interests, not the system, at the centre. Therefore our vision is:

”Building a thriving and positive future for humanity”

We use our resources, network and capabilities to develop healthy companies generating sustainable values for clients, employees, society and owners. Technology is the pinnacle in an exponential shift from scarcity to abundance. Unless we put human interests first, we risk that systems and technology define the future.


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    honesty, sharing, transparency, respect, collaboration, teamwork, open mind

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    action, dynamic, respect, pride.

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    creativity, entrepreneurship, open mind, adaptive. listening.

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    social intelligence, empathy, energy, positive, initiative.


We believe that the best way to fix the big problems in the world is through businesses that exist to solve problems and provide value to humans and planet.We believe that businesses that exist for this purpose also has the potential to be more competitive and give better return on investments. We believe technology will be an important driver to solve and scale these problems.

We believe in a rapidly changing world where new technology is accelerating change exponentially. We believe this is opening up for tremendous innovation opportunities, and we believe in using these opportunities to make a positive impact to the world and humanity. Hence we are investing time, resources and energy to develop organizations with deep insight and understanding of exponential business models, driving sustainable innovation and disruption for making a better world for the humanity.





Tharald Nustad


Cell: +47 924 99 233


Per Koppang

Group CEO

Odd Egil Kanestrøm

Group CFO

Pål Roppen

CEO FutureOn

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Sindre Østgård


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Universitetsgaten 2
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