Disruptive Education

EXP Group believe the current global (and old) educational model will be disrupted as a result of the accelerating development of new technologies, speed of learning and continuously change. We believe that humans need new foundations and ways of thinking, we need lifelong learning and we need new skills to be contributive and thriving. Aside from teaching people new skills and mindsets for future jobs, our main belief is centered around Ashokas vision “Everyone a Changemaker”, giving people the skills empathy, creativity, collaboration and growth mindset.

Education is one of our most important focus areas, and our education arm is divided into 3 areas:

Edtech investments:
Direct and indirect investments in new edtech solutions that can improve the way we learn: Learn capital, Edtech foundry, Differ , Coders Trust, Vibbio, Build Academy, Play Magnus, Singularity University, Iris.ai.

Co-developing new learning programs and initiatives:
Partnering up and co-developing platforms: Red Academy, Exponential Academy, Exponential Kindergarden.

Transforming the global school system:
Working with Ashoka and other initiatives to transform the way our education system works.

Our education team consist of Michael Engstrøm, Rumman Chowdhury and Tharald Nustad. Click here for contact.